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MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot

MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot - Citadel Journal Spring 1987


Sourgutt - Goblin King


Armour. Sourgutt wears a combination of mail and scale armour which gives him a basic saving throw of 6. His helmet bears a magic armour rune, which increases the saving throw to 5 or 6.

Magic standard. Sourgutt's standard has been in his family for years. It contains a spell rune (Level 1 fireball) and a rune of renewal (see Warhammer Battle Magic p29). The standard also has the ability to nullify the effects of any 1 rout test made anywhere within 12-, including a test made by Sourgutt himself.

Magic ball-chain. Sourgutt's huge ball and chain has a warpattack, (see Warhammer Battle Magic p27).

Points Values: 83 including armour. Plus 75 points for his warp weapon. Plus 50 points for his armour rune. Plus 50 points for his spell rune. Plus 50 points for his rune of renewal. Plus 50 points for standards power to stop routs. Total 358.

Ulrista - The Demon Chariot

Centuries ago, the Dwarf Mages of the Engineers' Guild summoned the demon lord Ulrishta, planning to entrap him in a war-chariot they had constructed. Their plans went slightly awry. His spirit was free for a few instants during which he destroyed most of the Dwarven complex and killed the Mages who had summoned him. He remained, trapped in the chariot, within the pentagram the Dwarves had drawn, until Sourgutt stumbled upon the chamber.

Once free of the pentagram Ulrishta can function in chariot form, manifesting part of himself as a sentient and somewhat talkative warboar. In addition, he has the full powers of a wizard of 4th level, with a magic level of 40 and 40 magic points. Ulrishta regains magic points, not by resting, but by killing; for every wound caused by the chariot or the boar, Ulrishta gains one magic point. If he can regain 100 points, he can free himself of his chariot form - if his chariot form is destroyed, he will be killed permanently. However, Ulrishta will use magic points to defend himself and Sourgutt.

Chariot profile

*Chariots cause damage only during the turn in which they charge. The additional +2 attacks are from the wheel- scythes.

Boar profile

The Boar part of Ulrishta fights separately, attacking to the front only. Damage to either the boar or chariot is replenished at the end of the game, but if either boar or chariot are destroyed Ulrishta is killed and the whole chariot is removed. Sourgutt and his driver are not destroyed and may continue to fight on foot.

Ulrishta has the following spells.

Level 1. Wind blast, Flight.

Level 2. Aura of protection, Lightning bolt, Smash.

Level 3. Arrow invulnerability, Cause cowardly flight, Cause fear.

Level 4. Change allegience, Stand still.

The flight spell, aura spell and arrow invulnerability spells apply to the chariot boar, Sourgutt and driver. The smash spell can be delivered by any of the chariot crew or boar.

Special rules. If the chariot is shaken and a crew member pitched out and killed, this will be the driver first. As a sentient creature, the chariot does not really need a driver and can function just as well without. If the axle snaps the chariot is out of action for the remainder of the game. If the yoke snaps the boar may continue to fight independently. If the chariot overturns it is destroyed for good, including the boar part.

Driver profile

Points Values: Ulrishta Rather than work out his points we have allotted a value of 1000 to represent this creature's comprehensive range of powers (this includes the driver).

MD1 Goblin King's Battle Chariot - 1991 Catalogue

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