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MD2 Skull Crusher - Mighty Goblin Stone Throwing Trebuchet

Designed by Kev Adams and released in July 1986. The painted example by Kev Adams is the one featured on the box, pictures courtesy of Steve Casey.

Skull Crusher, the Mighty Goblin Stone Throwing Trebuchet

Boggrub Legbiter, war chief of the Broken Nose goblins, looked around with satisfaction upon the runes entrance of Karak-Azul. His troops moved quietly among the Dwarven dead, pausing occasionally to spit out hair or gristle.

"Oi, boss, look at this!" came a shout. Boggrub turned to see his lieutenant, Gutbug, standing on a large wheeled structure which had been dragged almost to the entrance, Boggrub cast his eye over the machine, taking in every detail of its workings. He nodded appreciatively.

"Wot iz it?" he demanded.

"Dunno," replied Gutbug, "They woz just bringin' it out when we killed 'em". The two goblins stood for a few moments, looking at the great machine.

"It's a see-saw," ventured Gutbug.

"Them ropes," said Boggrub to Gutbug's suddenly recumbent form, "Pull 'em," Gutbug obeyed, rubbing the back of his head where Boggrub's mailed fist had made contact. Slowly, the huge weight at one end of the machine's wooden arm lifted into the air. Suddenly, there was a click, "Select target," intoned a metallic voice. Boggrub jumped.

"'Oo sed that?" he demanded. Gutbug backed away, shaking his head.

"I did, you repellent little pustule," said the voice. Boggrub's eyes widened as they focussed on a grotesque face set into the machine's metal fittings.

"Er .... Wot?" said Boggrub. There was a metallic sigh.

"WHAT .... DO .... YOU .... WANT .... ME ... TO .... HIT?" asked the machine, very slowly.

"Oh," replied Boggrub, "Er .... that tree over there." A second face came to life.

"Range - two-twenty, elevation - fifteen," it said crisply, "Target fixed, ready to fire."

"Er .... fire!" commanded Boggrub, in what he hoped was a commanding voice. There was a slight pause.

"Rock?" asked the metal face, a little tired.

"Wot?" replied Boggrub.

"What am I supposed to fire, you malodorous moron?" asked the face.

A rock was hurriedly placed on the open metal hand at the far end of the machine's arm.

"Can I fire now?" asked the face wearily.

"Go on, then." The wooden arm snapped upright, and the rock was hurled into the air. As it flew, it began to glow, and then burst into flames an instant before hitting its target. The tree was riven to charred matchwood.

"Cor," gasped Gutbug, "Good job they never got it out, we'd have been .... The rest of the sentence was lost as his face hit the ground.

"It's a rock thrower," said Boggrub quietly.

"Trebuchet," corrected the machine.



"Wozzat mean?" demanded Boggrub. There was a slight pause.

"Rock thrower," conceded the machine, wearily.

"A rock throwin' skull crusher," said Boggrub, "That's what we'll call it - Skull Crusher." There was no response save a deep metallic sigh.

Skull Crusher

Skull Crusher*056680*0000

* see "Engines of War" in Warhammer Combat Rules

Skull Crusher operates as a normal Stone Thrower, except that it has an enhanced BS as noted above, and any rock it throws will immolate in flight, causing 2D6 fire damge to the target in addition to normal damage.

Commander Boggrub Legbiter - Goblin Minor Hero


Crew: 3 Goblins of the Broken Nose Tribe

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