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MD6 Goblin Battle Chariots

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MD6 Goblin Battle Chariots - White Dwarf 92


The Dwarf chieftain surveyed the Goblin battle-lines contemptously.

"Look at it," he muttered to no-one in particular. "Great gaping holes all over the place. Even Goblins aren't normally that sloppy. And look where they've put their baggage train."

"All those little wolf-carts right behind the troops - they're not even bothering to ride the wolves, for Grungni's sake! All we need to do is push them back against their carts, and they've had it." He nodded to the trumpeter who stood beside him, and a solid glittering line of mail-clad Dwarfs moved forward at the signal.

"Could almost feel sorry for 'em," he mused, "This is going to be easy."

The Goblins did not advance to meet them, and did nothing to close the gaps in their line. Then, when the two lines were less than a hundred yards apart, there was a flurry of activity in the 'baggage train'.

The covers were thrown back from the wolf-carts revealing them as light chariots, each with a charioteer and a warrior. The chariots flew forward through the gaps in the ranks, and sped along the front of the Dwarven line as the ranks closed smoothly behind them. A hail of arrows from the chariot-archers slammed into the first three ranks, reducing them almost to nothing before the main Goblin force closed for combat. The chariots sped on, raining a withering fire of arrows down on the Dwarven flanks as they did so, before turning to attack the rear of the Dwarven army. Again a hail of death rained down, and the elite of the Goblin force leaped down from the chariots and moved to in on the remnants. Before the Dwarven reserves could move to support their comrades, the flanks were cut off and reduced to nothing, and they themselves had to fight for their lives.

The setting sun cast a bloody light on the battlefield. Dwarven dead and dying were strewn all around, and Odbod Dogbreath, the Goblin chieftain, sat at the entrance to the ransacked Dwarfhold, chewing contentedly on a leg.

"Works evey time, eh?" he said, spitting out a toenail.

His lieutenant nodded.

"Shame Boglod couldn't see it," he put in. "Bettr'n his wolf riders any day."

Odbod Grinned round the ankle-bone he was gnawing.

"Told him," he mumbled. "wouldn't listen, Wolves is for ridin', he said. Wouldn't pull carts, he said. Still most of his riders saw it my way."


The two goblins chuckled.

Odbod Dogbreath's Goblin Battle Chariot:

This box contains two complete two-wolf chariots, with charioteers and a selection of three Goblin personality figures. One personality rides in each chariot, and a slottabase is provided for the remaining model. These multi-part kits, designed by Kevin "Goblinmaster" Adams, are ideal for use with Warhammer and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play.

Rules for the chariots in Warhammer Fantasy Battle are as follows:

The chariot has the following profile:

Chariot73*4453*As crew

It follows the normal rules for chariots (Warhammer Book I. p.53).

Odbod Dogbreath is a Goblin Minor Hero, armoured in chain mail (armour ST 6) and armed with a bow and a sword.

Odbod Dogbreath44444242666624.5

Other chariot riders are Goblin Champions. Some are armoured in chainmail (armour ST 6) and equipped with a hand weapon and shield (PV 5.75), while others are unarmoured archers (PV 5.25).

Goblin Champion433431315555

Charioteers are normal Goblin warriors, armoured in chainmail (armour ST 6) and equipped with a hand weapon and whip.

Goblin Crew423331215555
Points Values:
Odbod's chariot:88.5
Chariot with archer:50
Chariot with swordsman51

MD6 Goblin Battle Chariots - 1991 Catalogue

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